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Israeli Craft Whisky Distillery

N.G.K Distillery founded in 2021 by Amos Nir, Tomer Goren (Head Distiller of M&H Distillery) and Gal Kalkshtein (Founder of M&H Distillery), as a second distillery of M&H.

Dedicated to uncompromising production of Lightly Peated Israeli Single-Malt whisky.

Production began at May 2022.

Join our journey to find out more...

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The Founder's Collection

Our first Single-Malt whisky will be bottled at January 2026.

The founders will receive 3 bottles, in 3 phases:




Young Single Malt


Founder's Edition


M&H X N.G.K launching edition

A LIMITED EDITION whisky bottle of M&H Distillery,

This is a lightly peated whisky

that celebrates the opening of the N.G.K Distillery,

and now we will wait patiently 3 years for the Founder's Edition.

700 ml.     54% abv.     1000 bottles

*Will be sent up to 2 month after payment for the Founder's Collection.


N.G.K Young Single-Malt

A Young Single-Malt bottle of N.G.K Distillery.

This will allow you a sneak preview about

the development of the future N.G.K whisky to come

and to get exited about the whisky that you'll get in about a year.
                                                                              200 ml.     50% abv.     up to 1000 bottles                                                           
                                         *Will be sent up to 1 month after January 2025.


N.G.K Founders Edition

A 700ml. bottle of our Founder's Edition

The 1st. ever N.G.K WHISKY (3 years & older) to be launched.
This bottle is a piece of history in the Israeli whisky story.

700 ml.     55% abv.     1000 bottles

*Will be sent up to 1 month after January 2026.

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